This Quarter in Missouri Aviation Production!

As the first quarter of the year (for most companies, some may vary) concludes for 2013, let’s take a brief look at what the Missouri aviation community helped build or complete!

  • Boeing delivered a total of 12 F/A-18/E/F/G’s from January to March. In addition, they sent two previously delivered F/A-18F’s to Malaysia in order to participate in a sale showcase.
  • Boeing also delivered 3 F-15SG’s to the republic of Singapore Air Force, and made the first flight of the F-15SA, an all fly-by-wire variant for the Royal Saudi Air Force. Deliveries for the country will begin in 2015.
  • The first two production P-8 anti-submarine warfare aircraft were delivered to the United States Navy, with planning taking place in St. Louis.
  • Three Boeing C-17’s were delivered out at Long Beach from January to March, with sub-assembly taking place in St. Louis. The first C-17 for India has entered the flight test system!
  • The Zenith Aircraft company announced a variety of showcase’s and upgrades to it’s notable aircraft kits. The company will participate at Sun’n Fun next week in Lackland, Florida.
  • The Rockwell Collins company celebrated a major order from China Eastern Airlines and Okay Airlines for their Head-Up Guidance system.


P-8A YP-15 Delivery take off KBFI SeattleC-1773381_502063659856124_1531626414_nMSF13-0008