F-18 Diverted From KSUS to KSTL (ATC Audio)

An F-18 headed to Spirit of St. Louis Airport, where MOAVHIST founder Dan O’Hara call’s his office, was diverted to Scott AFB, and eventually Lambert Airport because of inclement weather conditions around the area in April 2012. However the pilot (Brandon Gasser) became dangerously low on fuel, and began to consider dumping the aircraft in the Mississippi River unless he made a quick landing. ATC controllers Kevin Cook and Steve Clark helped clear airspace and guide the Hornet down to the ground at Lambert, with only five minutes of fuel remaining. The controllers were honored at the 9th Annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards banquet in Las Vegas in honor of their handling during the Emergency situation. F-18’s are no strangers to the Missouri skyline, with Boeing test flights and Navy traffic happening regularly.

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