Winter 2014 Meetings: Lambert History and Flying the SR-71

The Missouri Aviation Historical Society held two major meetings for winter 2014, with over 110 people combined in attendance.

For our January meeting, Dr. Daniel L. Rust gave a comprehensive history of one of the oldest airfields in the country, Lambert Field. Dr. Rust will be the author of a future book covering the airport from an agreement with the Missouri History Museum, Lambert St. Louis International Airport and The Missouri Aviation Historical Society. The presentation featured a variety of photos and information, along with insight on his analysis of the airports newest runway. Already an accomplished author, Dr. Rust is currently the Director of the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Missouri, St. Louis.

The society recently held its February (and 40th) meeting with a presentation and narrative from accomplished pilot and author George Andre. Over his impressive flying career, Andre has served as a USAF fighter pilot, Lockheed Martin test pilot flying (among other types) the SR-71 Blackbird out of Groom Lake, a longtime airline pilot for TWA, an airshow pilot, and the oldest Reno air-racer in show history; among many other achievements. The presentation was truly magnificent and shed light on some of the greatest milestones in American aviation from someone who flew them firsthand. You can view details about his book here!

MOAVHIST meetings are held every month to the general public, free admission and light refreshments are served. Photos by Chase Kohler and Joe Gurney.