Blue Angels Course at St. Louis Community College

Check out photos from MOAVHIST member Joe Gurney’s community education class on the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. The two hour course was taught at the St. Louis Community College- Meramec campus and featured a variety of stunning photos, videos, and handouts for all participants. Gurney began the class with a 40 minute history and overview of the Blue Angels significance before handing it to the special guest of the night, Bill Switzer. Serving in the U.S. Navy Blue Angles during the F-4 Phantom years (also built in St. Louis), Switzer gave fascinating tales about his time with the team along with funny and revealing stories from his time on the carrier flying the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Mr. Switzer is currently the Federal Security Director for Lambert St. Louis International Airport, under his leadership the airport won the ‘Federal Airport of the Year’ award in 2011.

The Blue Angles are currently scheduled to return to the St. Louis area for the first time in over three years at the 50th anniversary of the Spirit of St. Louis airport and S.T.E.M. expo in May 2014.