April Meeting: 75th anniversary of the Curtiss-Wright C-46 Commando

Thursday, April 16th brought MOAVHIST’s 50th formal meeting, this time to remember the C-46 Commando’s 75 anniversary. With design and initial production roots in St. Louis, the plane would go on to become a major asset during WWII. A few C-46’s still fly today in the United States and Africa. The presentation was given by MOAVHIST president Dan O’Hara using content donated from the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum, Dave Ostrowski, and Terry Love . At the end, a short Q&A turned into a lively chat across the room about everything aviation. Due to heavy travel schedules, the society will take a break for May 2015 before returning in June with a special event.


Full Presentation:

Special thanks to Myron Lane, Albert Stix, and the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum.