August 2013 Meeting

After giving a presentation last August on the 70th anniversary of the battle of Guadalcanal, the Missouri Aviation Historical Society welcomed back World War II Veteran Tom Mohan of Kirkwood, Missouri. Tom was to receive an award on behalf of his dear friend, veteran, and hero, the late Arthur O’Keefe. In a welcome surprise, the Society also presented Tom himself with a certified letter of  recognition and a signed lithograph from the  the U.S. Marine Corps VMFA-232 “Red Devils” squadron . A presentation of Tom’s and Arthur’s service was also given, featuring stunning personal photos that ranged from the 1940’s to 1970’s of their various travels and service duty’s.

From the Aero Experience:

The Missouri Aviation Historical Society, led by Dan O’Hara, contacted the current Red Devils squadron, VMFA-232, requesting recognition for Mohan’s service.  The response was in true U.S. Marine Corps style – swift and direct.  O’Hara presented several items from the VMFA-232 to Thomas Mohan: a letter from the squadron commander and a lithograph of the current F/A-18C Hornet aircraft, signed by the squadron pilots.

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You can view a photo gallery of the meeting below. Photos courtesy of Myron Lane, Mark Nankivil, Chase Kohler, and Joe Gurney.